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Lens Treatments

Thumbnail lens treatment 2At our eye care center, we take pride in each pair of glasses we dispense. In order to provide the most polished product possible, we offer a variety of lens treatments including scratch resistance, anti-reflection, blue-blocking, UV protection, transitions technology, polarization, and custom tinting.

Common Lens Coatings & Treatments:

  • The UV rays in sunlight can be harmful to the eyes. Lenses that block 100% UV help to ward off various eye conditions and damage.
  • Scratches on lenses are distracting, plain and simple. And they can interfere with lens performance. Scratch-resistant treatments imbued into the lens surface toughen up the lenses making them more durable.
  • For fashion, comfort and clarity, anti-reflective treatments are the way to go. They make the lens nearly invisible and cut glare from headlights, computer screens and harsh lighting.