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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive eye care and specialty contact lens fittings

Eye Exam for patients of all ages

Annual eye exams are recommended by all of our eye doctors as routine preventative care is important  in maintaining lifelong eye health. Not all eye conditions have obvious symptoms.

Our comprehensive eye exams involve a thorough evaluation of your ocular health, and determination of refractive status in  order to prescribe the optimal glasses and contact lenses.  

Our eye doctors maintain their license to the highest level in order to provide diagnostic and therapeutic  treatment of chronic and acute ocular conditions. 

Retinal evaluation 

In addition to eye specific diseases like macular degeneration, many conditions such as diabetes and  high blood pressure can be detected during retinal evaluation.

Our eye doctors practice full-scope optometry as governed by the state of California and strongly advise each patient to have their retina examined as a part of their yearly evaluation. 

We understand dilation is not always convenient or comfortable for our patients. We are therefore  happy to offer the option of Optomap Retinal Imaging as a retinal screening device. It is an ultra-widefield fundus camera that captures and provides photographic records in seconds, saving you from the time and hassle of dilation. 

Intraocular pressure 

High intraocular pressure is a risk factor for glaucoma, the second leading cause of blindness worldwide. It is essential to measure intraocular pressure at every routine exam. Patients with previous experience at optometric centers may be familiar with non-contact tonometry (the air puff test). At our practice we perform either Goldman applanation tonometry or iCare tonometry, a drop free way of  measuring your intraocular pressure. 

Binocular vision evaluation 

Double vision, focusing issues, and the aging eye can severely impact our visual systems ability to  function properly and cause headaches. Our optometrists have extensive experience in prescribing  prisms and reading lenses to facilitate optimal visual performance. 

Computer vision evaluation 

The current global trend has led to the digitization of many aspects of our lives. As a result, we are  spending more time in front of our computer screens than ever before. If computer vision is a concern,  our eye doctors will prescribe you a tailored pair of lenses that will accommodate your precise working  distance and visual needs at your monitor. 

Preventative care 

Maintaining healthy eyes is much easier than treating disease. Sunglasses, eye drops, vitamins or fish  oil supplementation may be recommended to prevent the worsening of conditions such as dry eye,  macular degeneration, or cataracts.

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